Mises à jour du SupportPack MO71 : WebSphere MQ GUI Administrator

Une nouvelle version de cet excellent outil est disponible.

Nouveautés :

  • MQ 7.1 Support
  • There were quite a few changes to 7.1 commands including new objects such as Channel Authentication objects.
  • Added auto discover of ‘foreign’ locations based on channel status
  • Effectively read-only locations shown in Network view.
  • Network display changes.
    A considerable improvement of the look and feel of the network display including greater configuration. For example, you can now provide your own bitmaps or icons to be displayed in the Network view.
  • New compare dialogs
  • Topic and Comminfo objects.
  • Copy object name to clipboard.
  • Monitoring time resolution now in milliseconds not seconds.
  • Option to add timestamp to exported lists
  • Preference option to prevent retry on authorisation failures
  • Some additional ‘nomenu’ authorities to allow you to present a ‘simpler’ MO71 application