Mises à jour du SupportPack MA96 – Message Browser

Une nouvelle nouvelle version (1.61) du Support Pack MA96 : WebSphere MQ – Message Browser est disponible.


Message Browser provides function for viewing message descriptor, properties and contents in easy view format without removing them from queue.

Message descriptor (MQMD) is shown in parsed format. Each data in MQMD is shown with semantic descriptions in addition to actual value.

Message content is shown in graphic hexadecimal representation and also in character representation. In addition, extended formatting function is provided for MQADMIN, MQDEAD, MQEVENT, MQHDIST, MQHEPCF, MQHMDE, MQHREF, MQHRF, MQHRF2, MQPCF, MQTRIG and MQXMIT format.

Possible Uses

Useful for verifying message attributes and contents for testing of MQ application development, problem determination and so on.

New in this Release

  • Improved GUI on Windows.