Redbook “IBM WebSphere MQ V8 Features and Enhancements” draft 2

Un nouveau draft du Redbook “IBM WebSphere MQ V8 Features and Enhancements” est disponible.

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  • Part 1, “Introduction to MQ V8” on page 1 of this publication gives the reader a basic understanding of messaging middleware technologies. It also gives an short description of all the enhancements which are part of MQ V8.
  • Part 2, “New for all platforms” on page 19 goes into technical detail of features and enhancements that are common to all platforms, both Distributed and z/OS.
  • Part 3, “New for z/OS” on page 103 discusses features that are unique to the implementation of MQ on z/OS.
  • Part 4, “Scenarios” on page 175 illustrates some of the features described in Parts 2 and 3 in multi-faceted scenarios. This assumes a good knowledge of many of the basic features that were introduced in previous versions of MQ.