Nouveau SupportPack : IT01- WebSphere Message Broker Enterprise Test Robot

IBM annonce ce jour un nouveau SupportPack dédié au test de l’infrastructure Message Broker / Integration Bus :

Enterprise Test Robot provides a light-weight tool to automate testing without requiring a complex setup. It is designed to make testing of message flows simple and repeatable. The tool may be used for Regression testing of application functionality as well as Performance testing and validation of data for Parallel Run before going into production. The tool is platform independent requiring only a supported JVM to run.

ETR is designed for testing of messaging applications. The XML based test suite is easy to configure for complex testing scenarios. The tool introduces the concept of Regulators for sending test data to the applications under different modes (looping, rate regulation, transformations, etc.) and Validators for validating the results against canned datasets supporting multiple modes and conditions (search phrases, ignore sections, transformations, XSD validation, XPath matches, etc).