Annonce WAS 9.0.5

IBM Annonce ce jour la version 9.0.5 de WebSphere Application Server.
WAS 9.0.5 est le fix pack qui vient après
C’est le même principe que lors du passage de WAS 8.5 à WAS 8.5.5.

Nouveautés :

  • Ability for clients to modernize their existing environments, at a pace dictated by business needs, that begins with efficiencies gained through Operational Modernization.
  • Capability to take advantage of container technology by using certified Kubernetes deployments to help accelerate the pace of development and deployment. This is made easier with WebSphere Liberty Cloud Pak and traditional WebSphere Application Server Cloud Pak.
  • Application Navigator to provide holistic, real-time visibility and application awareness across multi-cloud workloads and assist in root-cause analysis with a simplified app-centric management for hybrid deployments.
  • Liberty advisor, that is part of the broader Transformation Advisor capability in IBM Cloud™ Private, is a new feature built into the traditional WebSphere Administrative Console. It can analyze enterprise applications and generate a detailed report with advice for deploying the apps with WebSphere Application Server Liberty.
  • Capability for current WebSphere Application Server V9.0 license holders to trade up to IBM Cloud Application Platform.
  • Enhanced ‘5+3’ Support Lifecycle to provide a minimum of five full years of standard support for WebSphere Application Server V9.0.5 from its availability date, with the option of support extension.

Disponibilité : 28 Juin 2019.