WebSphere Application Server version 8.5.5 + Liberty Core 8.5.5

IBM annonce ce jour la version 8.5.5 WebSphere Application Server.
Il s’agit essentiellement d’améliorations du Liberty Profile, et d’un packaging spécifique Liberty profile-only

Il y a donc maintenant les packagings suivants pour WAS :

  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core V8.5.5
  • WebSphere Application Server – Express® V8.5.5
  • WebSphere Application Server for Developers V8.5.5
  • WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5

Le prix du packaging Liberty Core n’est pas connu.

Enhancements to the Liberty profile are as follows:

  • Certification to the Java™ EE 6 Web Profile, providing the assurance that applications leverage standards-compliant programming models
  • Additional programming models such as web services that enable the expansion of Liberty profile applications beyond web applications
  • New messaging capabilities, including support for Java Message Service (JMS) and message-driven beans, and a new single server message provider
  • Ability to add Liberty features through a new system programming interface, enabling the customization of Liberty profile capabilities to meet your business needs through insertion of custom Liberty features
  • Liberty support for the NoSQL database MongoDB, a scalable, well- performing, and easy-to-use document-style NoSQL database
  • Enhancement to security support, such as federated repositories, custom user registry, trust association interceptor, password hashing, and encryption of passwords in server configurations, which improves security for Liberty application deployments
  • High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) for Liberty servers, which enables better administration and serviceability
  • New Liberty administration features
  • Clustering of server instances
  • Distributed caching with WebSphere eXtreme Scale
  • Ability to install the entitled WebSphere Application Server edition on developer machines for development and unit testing purposes
  • Support for WebSphere Web Cache (DynaCache)
  • WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 tooling bundles updated with Rational® Application Developer (RAD) V9 and the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools (WDT) V9

Disponibilité mi-juin 2014.