RedBook “IBM MQ V8 Features and Enhancements”

Après deux drafts, ce redbook est maintenant disponible dans sa version finale sous la référence SG24-8218-00.

Contenu :

Part 1. Introducing IBM MQ V8 and new features
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Topic host routed publish/subscribe
Chapter 3. User authentication
Chapter 4. TLS/SSL Digital Certificate Management
Part 2. New for z/OS
Chapter 5. Buffer pool enhancements
Chapter 6. Extending the log RBA and conversion
Chapter 7. SMF changes: Channel initiator statistics and channel accounting
Chapter 8. Using new System z features
Part 3. Scenarios
Chapter 9. Topic host routed publish/subscribe scenarios
Chapter 10. Authentication scenarios
Chapter 11. CHINIT SMF scenarios
Chapter 12. Advantages of a buffer pool above the bar
Chapter 13. SCM scenarios
Chapter 14. zEDC scenario

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