IBM Message Service Client for C/C++

Une mise à jour de ce Support Pack en version 2.0.1 est disponible :

The IBM® Message Service Client for C/C++ offers C/C++ users an Application Programming Interface (API) that is consistent with the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API.

Download Description

The IBM Message Service Client for C/C++ (“XMS C/C++”) renders the Java Message Service (JMS) API in the C/C++ languages. It brings the benefits of JMS — a standard, abstracted messaging API for pub/sub and point-to-point messaging, as well as externally administered objects – to the non-Java world.

Applications created in this way can be used to exchange messages between other Message Service Client applications, JMS applications or native WebSphere® MQ applications and can easily be migrated between WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Business Integration Message Brokers and WebSphere Application Server V6.0 messaging environments with little or no rework.

A .NET implementation of this SupportPac is also available, IA9H: IBM Message Service Client for .NET.