IBM Annonce MQLight 1.0

IBM annonce ce jour IBM MQ Light 1.0.

Il s’agit d’un environnement de développement pour les applications de messaging, qui fournit en particulier une nouvelle API plus simple que le JMS et le MQI.

Les applications ainsi développées pourront être exécutées sur des moteurs de messaging type MQLight, IBM MQ, et IBM Bluemix :

IBM MQ Light is designed to make it quick and easy to incorporate asynchronous messaging into your applications. IBM MQ Light is simple to unzip and get going, easy to get started with using the simple yet powerful API that is available in a growing range of programming languages. The user interface makes it easy for developers to understand how their application is behaving during development.

Applications, which are developed by using IBM MQ Light, can be deployed with IBM MQ Light or deployed in IBM Bluemix™ by using IBM MQ Light for Bluemix. IBM plans for them to be deployed using IBM MQ. For details on the previously published statement of direction, refer to ZP14-0217, dated April 22, 2014.