Annonce IBM MQ 913 CD

IBM annonce ce jour la version 9.1.3 CD de IBM MQ.
Parrmi les nouveautés :

MQ V9.1.3 base

New functions and enhancements include:

  • Enhancements to the ability to balance applications across queue managers

MQ V9.1.2 delivered a new feature to improve the ability of MQ to balance application connections across multiple different queue managers. The initial release allowed C language applications to balance across queue managers. The latest update enables JMS applications to automatically balance connections across clustered queue managers.

Additional enhancements go further to help support this new capability. It is now possible to use administrative interfaces such as, REST, runmqsc, and PCF to identify where applications are connected. Also, the rate at which MQ can detect and request rebalancing is improved since MQ V9.1.2.

  • Further enhancements and new capabilities for REST Messaging

Some of the most well received updates in recent MQ releases were in the area of support for REST Messaging. In MQ V9.1.3, this capability is further extended to use the REST Messaging interface to browse existing MQ messages. This builds on the previous ability to PUT and GET MQ messages.

  • Improvements for using REST API for administration

For a number of releases since the early MQ V9.0 CD releases there were incremental updates to provide MQ administration through REST API. In the MQ V9.1.3 release this is further extended to allow a feature rich calls to the runmqsc interface through the REST API, with parse-able JSON input and outputs. This enables smarter tooling and responses to be created.

  • .NET core application development on MacOS

Recent releases of MQ V9.1.1 and V9.1.2 provided support for .NET core on Windows™ and Linux® environments. Another recent addition was the ability to develop applications on MacOS. The MQ V9.1.3 release enables the development of .NET core applications on MacOS. Once developed, these applications can be run supported on either Windows or Linux environments.

MQ Advanced V9.1.3

  • Multiple additional enhancements for the MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities

Amongst the additional capabilities provided by MQ Advanced is the ability to move file data over the MQ network, benefitting from the reliability and security of MQ, while allowing data held in files to potentially start or end in an MQ-enabled application.

The MFT Protocol Bridge now supports connectivity to an FTP server running on the IBM i platform. This enables MQ MFT to exchange files with the integrated file system on the IBM i platform.

There is also a new fteClearMonitorHistory command that simplifies the task of reprocessing and reinitiating a transfer by using a monitor. Resource monitors provide performance improvements when monitoring deep queues or directories with large numbers of files.

  • Improvements for deploying in Red Hat OpenShift

MQ V9.1.3 includes changes in how MQ container images can be deployed in Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platforms. To run more securely, the IBM MQ Advanced Cloud Pak container image can run under SELinux with the default policy.

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