Nouveau SupportPack WMQ : MH05 Events Display Tool

mercredi 2 mars 2011


This SupportPac provides a simple command line tool (xmqdspev) to display WebSphere MQ events that are generated on the SYSTEM.ADMIN.*.EVENT event queues.
Download Description

The tool provided in this SupportPac reads, interprets and displays WebSphere MQ events generated on the SYSTEM.ADMIN.*.EVENT event queues. The output can be optionally re-directed to a file and the tool may be triggered by WebSphere MQ if required. All event messages are supported.

Possible Uses

  • To troubleshoot WebSphere MQ configuration issues.
  • To troubleshoot WebSphere MQ application issues.
  • To monitor and record the activity on a queue manager.
  • To provide event information easily consumable by other tools.

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